Adobe Shadow: First look!

Adobe Shadow: First look!

By Daniel Truninger 7th März 2012

Forget the partial Facebook black out that occurred today. The tech team is more stoked about Adobe's latest lab release Shadow.

The tool allows developers to inspect and preview sites, on multiple devices, at the same time.

So imagine changing that font size and see the effect on the different viewports rendered in real time. If not check our video.

Our initial verdict: Despite, notably, being a "beta" release we are impressed to say the least.


Bild des Benutzers Bruce Bowman
Bruce Bowman

Thanks Daniel - we're glad you like Shadow! We've got big plans for it, and will have additional Labs Releases soon.

Shadow product manager

Bild des Benutzers elijah bee
elijah bee

Now THIS is what awesome looks like!!!

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