Essence of a web week: Week 9

Essence of a web week: Week 9

A picture is worth a thousand words: This week's edition with an extra image and the hottest industry topics. Enjoy!


Blue Drop Awards 2012
Until Monday, 5th Thursday, 22nd March (Update: The deadline has been extended), you can nominate your favourite Drupal site for the inaugural Blue Drop Award. Categories range from "Best Marketplace Website Built With Drupal" to "Best Personal Website Built With Drupal"

Acquia: Keeping Drupal Secure

Read the entire blog post here.


BBC: Twitter partners with Datasift to unlock tweet archive
Nothing wrong with that but it is a swift reminder that if something is free on the web, you are the product. (via @robert_t)

Business vs UX

The Brads: Ad Dollars

The eternal battle between business and UX goals.

Responsive Design

Smashing Magazine: Is There Ever A Justification For Responsive Text?
James Young asks himself if the concept of responsive text makes any sense. If copy isn't relevant for smaller viewports why should it be on larger ones.


Bild des Benutzers Ben Finklea
Ben Finklea

Thanks for mentioning us Daniel! We've now extended the nomination deadline to Thursday, March 22nd. Please update your blog post if that is possible. TYVM!

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