2Aid's new web page

2Aid's new web page

By Amazee Labs 11th September 2009 Business


Here's a story from Germany that simply demands respect. What does a young person when she sees the state of the world and realizes change needs to come now and at the hands of simple citizens like herself?  Well, in the case of Anna Vikky, a 22 year old college student from the west German town of Aachen, she just starts her own Non-Profit Organization. 2Aid was founded in July, and now the 2Aid.org website is up and running.

But 2Aid is also driven via Twitter and Facebook, thus being a new kind of NPO which embraces online social media from birth. And Anna and her supporters are very enthusiastic about their cause, they are all over the place. Their first project now is to help provide 4,000 people in Uganda with safe access to clean drinking water. If you'd like to get engaged or informed, please check out their web site, which also has a small About section in English.

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