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So, Google's next foray into the world of Social Media is called Google+, as we know since yesterday. I've long thought about whether to write about it – I've spent about ten minutes inside the +, thanks to Michael, who already has an account. It seems well thought through, very well designed, is about all I can say.

Also, and this probably is the most important point: Google+ has implemented at its core an important feature that Facebook simply has missed out on: Assigning your contacts to groups. In Google+ they are called circles, in Facebook it' lists. But while you don't have to assign your Facebook friends to lists, you need to sort your Google+ contacts to circles in order to be able to share with them – this seems like a smart way to hand privacy control to the user.

This is just one example which instantly presented itself to me while checking the + out. The image display looks very promising as well! So, with Google+ it most likely is not about what Google is doing differently to the big competitor Facebook, but how they do it.

Wired has a lengthy, but very interesting article about Google+ and its development history. All Facebook has a good round-up of reactions from the Web and says that Facebook needn't worry.

In this video, Google gives you a quick insight:

What are your thoughts on Google+? Another fruitless effort or a breakthrough for Google?

By Amazee Labs 14th June 2011 Business

A couple of days ago, Facebook has released its official Social Media Crisis (read: shit storm) Response Guidelines. You can find them as a pdf file here. While I still believe that Social Media handling for Marketing purposes is no rocket science and requires above all a good deal of common sense (and sensibility), they people from the FB put together a good couple of points along which you can react if things go askew. From my experience, the first bullet point of point 5 is utterly important: See if you can resolve the arising conflict behind the scenes. It works most times. – What are your experiences with Social Media crisis handling? What have you learned?

By Amazee Labs 10th June 2011 Business, Business

TV (still?) takes the giant share in ad spening, Internet only follows after Newspaper. According to Mashable, nearly half of the money that goes to online buys, is allocated to search and a quarter goes to display. Within these categories, online ads are becoming more social, and spending on lead generation and email marketing is shrinking. Read more
More over at Mashable

By Amazee Labs 8th June 2011 Business

On I found this interesting Infographic regarding the state of Social Commerce on Facebook. As the citation on the top clearly states, Zuckerberg believes in Social Commerce – and why shouldn't he? If my friends are on Facebook, why shouldn't I buy right on the platform according to their recommendations? Well, check out the numbers and let me know what you think. Is there a future in Social Commerce on sites like Facebook?

By Amazee Labs 1st June 2011 Business, Drupal

Twitter announced a new button a few hours ago. They finally have a Follow Button!

It's now possible for site owners to show which Twitter accounts their visitors should follow. Until yesterday you had the possibility with an @Anywhere button, but this was way too many features for only following.

Besides direct following with a click on "follow," visitors can also click directly on the account name, revealing a nice pop-up with some information about the account (number of followers, lastest tweets):

//blog [dot] amazeelabs [dot] com/sites/default/files/uploads/Amazee-Labs- [at] amazeelabs-auf-Twitter-2 [dot] jpg" alt="" width="590" height="564" />

And guess who has already implemented it? That's right, Amazee Labs has:

By Amazee Labs 31st May 2011 Business

What do you think - fake or real?

By Amazee Labs 27th May 2011 Business

Amazee Labs is happy to announce the launch of a one-of-a-kind Drupal 7 site for Rico J. Baldegger, professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the School of Business Administration Fribourg.

Rico Baldegger Intro

Rico came to us by way of The Institute for Entrepreneurship, an existing Amazee Labs client with a new site launched in April. His goal was to develop a dedicated, online presence to showcase his academic and professional pursuits as well as increase his availability to students.

Because Rico wanted a simple, unique, modern website, a one-page site with auto-scrolling and parallax effects was an appropriate approach... with a twist. While the sections below are displayed here as separate images, they create a long, single chain on the actual site. A top-fixed menu makes navigation easy.

Rico Baldegger Projects

Ajax views and Drupal Behaviors streamline the Publications section, which might otherwise have been displayed in a very long, daunting list (Rico's written or collaborated on more than 40 works!).

Rico Baldegger Publications

And perhaps most importantly (and because we believe in content "below the fold"), there are a variety of ways students can schedule time to meet their professor:

Rico Baldegger Contact

We think students will be impressed with their professor's new site, and hope you are too. Let us know what you think.

By Amazee Labs 20th May 2011 Business

In 2002 it all started. Now LinkedIn went public at the NY Stock Exchange, with a euphoria driven demand doubling its stock price of $45 to $94 on the first day. On about 100 million shares outstanding, this values the company at nearly $10 billion. That is approx. 610 times the 2010 profits ($15.4 million). And that, hold tight, makes up for a wowzy P/E of 610! For the ones of you who are not into trading: LNKD currently is one of the most expensive stock in the universe. However, maybe you're more into sociology, then the following fact might be of interest: At a market cap of $10 billion and 100 million each member and his connections is worth $100. If you care less about money, then you'll probably like this one from mashable:


By Amazee Labs 18th May 2011 Business

Yesterday, the Ubelly bloggers announced this year's nominees for their Critters Awards. We are not really sure what this is about, but the original Critters movie being a very fun thing to watch, we are excited to be among the lucky ones!

We are nominated in the sexy "Web we would mate with" category alongside with the massive Wilderness Downton project of Google and Arcade Fire as well as Jason Santa Maria's website.

Other nominees in other categories include Smashing Magazine, the Old Spice Guy and our beloved Drupal.

Let's see how this goes, thanks to the Ubelly crew for nominating us, if there's anything we can do to win, let us know (nudge nudge)!

By Amazee Labs 10th May 2011 Fun, Business

Here's some food for thought (combined with the latest numbers on Facebook): What would you do if Facebook didn't exist? – I must admit, I'd be in trouble. I am relying so much on it in my daily life, I couldn't imagine going without the old FB. What would you miss most if Facebook were not around any more?


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