By Corina Schmid 5th February 2014 Business, Drupal


We are proud to introduce our latest creation: Fischer Connectors.

Fischer Connector designs, manufactures and distributes high performance connectors and cable assembly. With 60 years of experience they surely stand for precision and quality.

The company mandated us to develop a fully responsive site that represents their innovative image and allows their wealth of products to take center stage.

The challenge of this solution was to address the needs of different target audiences at once. Industry experts, on one hand, will find technical documentation with the help of a sophisticated faceted search, while on the other hand researches and engineers can dive into an abundance of information to find the required solution.

Get connected at Fischer Connectors.

By Michael Schmid 27th January 2014 Drupal

This weekend over 20 Drupalistas met at the Amazee Labs office to work together on Drupal 8, which was part of the Drupal Global Sprint Weekend. For some of the attendees it was the first time that they ever worked on Drupal Core! Thanks to the Drupal Ladder project they learned fast how core development works and actually could submit and review some patches after few hours.

Great minds of course also need great food and drinks:

To be able to do this we've found some great sponsors:

Thanks to all the attendees for spending their weekend to make Drupal 8 even better!

By Daniel Truninger 13th January 2014 Drupal, Events

During the last weekend of January several Drupal contribution sprints will be taking place across the globe. The Swiss chapter will be happening at our office on both days.

Regardless of your knowledge level, if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute and are warmly welcomed.

We will split into pairs and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. If possible, install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core.

Pro tip for new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on and taking a look at the Drupal Ladder.

We are looking forward to welcome you for some serious sprinting.

By Daniel Truninger 19th December 2013 Drupal

December traditionally produces a plethora of end of year reviews and we want to chip in too. Open-source projects like Drupal depend of the sharing of knowledge. Besides being committed to participating in contribution sprints and submitting patches on we believe that by writing blog posts we can additionally share some of our know how with the community.

Since the lifespan of content on the web is short, we want to highlight some stand out posts written by our team this year:

The new face of Omega 4 & The new face of Omega 4, Part II

Kathryn McClintock points out the new features of favorite responsive theme’s latest iteration. 

Drupal behaviors: A quick how to

Want to get the most out of JavaScript in a Drupal environment? Then give Drupal behaviors a go. Victor Künzig's tutorial will help you.

How To: Loading ads in a Drupal AJAX call asynchronously

Boris Baldinger explains how you can call new ads on infinite loading pages. This blog post also was the basis of his BAD Camp presentation.

Fun with Potatoes & Other Wallpapers

For DrupalCon Prague Andrew McClintock created a gorgeous set of Drupal 8 inspired wallpapers to enhance your desktop's appearance.

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By Daniel Truninger 11th December 2013 Business, Drupal

We’ve been busy in the last few weeks and it’s our pleasure to introduce the latest release off our production line: Swisscom SME Business World.

SME Business World is an initiative by Switzerland's biggest telecommunications provider to help and connect SMEs in the country. 

The focus of this mandate lay in refining the editor’s experience. While content editors often are forgotten in web projects, they took the center stage in this one. Specific improvements were made by providing a solution consisting of modules like Fieldable panels panes and Ctool’s page manager to provide a powerful in-place editing experience.

Since Switzerland is a multilingual country the Translation Management Tool and the Supertext module were implemented to ensure the quality of copy, in the different languages, is consistent on the site.

Besides these less visible betterments the site received a facelift too.

We hope that Switzerland’s SMEs can profit from the output of the platform's exuberant content editors.

By Corina Schmid 5th December 2013 Business, Drupal

Check out our newest release: Tele - Switzerland's premium TV guide publication. Axel Springer Schweiz mandated us with the development of a fresher, user and editor friendlier platform.

Additionally we implemented a deep Brightcove integration to show Tele's new daily web-show ZAPPIN‘.

So, up for a cosy evening with Chips and TV ? Tele will tell you what to watch.

By Daniel Truninger 25th November 2013 Drupal

Be friends with your content editor

Boris doing his part of spreading the word of Pamela Barone's (pameeela) session at DrupalCon Prague.

Translation Management

Michael and Christophe Galli held a reprise of their DrupalCon session.

There Are No Bad Clients, Just Bad Project Managers

Dagmar talked about her experience as a project manager. According to Twitter this session was the best one at the camp.

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By Boris Baldinger 23rd November 2013 Drupal, Events

John O'Nolan (twitter), the guy from ghost, kicked off day 2 of the DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 with a very impressive keynote about the topic "Focus - The value of choosing just one thing at the bazaar".

After the keynote, it was time for Michael and Christophe to present the the Translation Management Tool.

And directly after this presentation, Dagmar talked about why there are no bad clients, only bad project managers.

She attracted quite a crowd with her talk.

And if you missed the presentation you can watch it on YouTube.

Overall we had a really great time in Vienna! It was a pleasure to be here and connect with other open minded people.

A special Thank you goes out to the members of Drupal Austria who made this event possible.

I also have uploaded a selection of photos I took during the camp on flickr.

By Boris Baldinger 22nd November 2013 Drupal, Events

The memories of BADCamp and DrupalCon Prague are still fresh in my mind, however the Drupal event calendar allowed me to head east again. The destination of this trip was the DrupalCamp Vienna, which attracted around 300 people from all over the world.

Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire kicked off this camp with a keynote, inspired by the slogan of the event, about connecting open minds.

Drupal Austria did a great job organizing this event.

Florian Lorétan held one of the first talks after the keynote. He presented Drupal in a JavaScript world and elasticsearch as an alternative to SOLR.

The FH Technikum Wien is a really nice venue. It offers a lot of daylight regardless of the weather. Also from an architectural point of view it is very interesting. Here are some impressions which I took this morning.

UpdateMy presentation was recorded and is already available on YouTube

By Daniel Truninger 21st November 2013 Drupal, Events

After an eventful DrupalCon in Prague the Drupal calendar has another another workout lined-up for us. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday 300 Drupalistas will meet up in Vienna. Among them are our Michael (schnitzel), Dagmar (dagmita) and Boris (borisbaldinger). If you're heading there too, make sure to attend their sessions.

Friday, 22 November

Saturday, 23 November

There won't be any Swiss chocolate available at our sessions. Come for the content and not for the bribes. ;)


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