In the last seven days the following five stories registered on our radar. Enjoy!

Drupal Drupal 8 theme debug

When Morten claims that themers will curse 7% less due to TWIG in Drupal 8, we take it as gospel. Here's a little screencast, which illustrates the new features.

Food for thought

Heap Data Blog: How to Lie with Data Visualization
A short reminder how easy it is to, make data visualizations, give the impression you want to.


SRG SSR: Hackdays
Switzerland's broadcasting corporation will be hosting their first Hackdays this September. Make sure to apply for your place if you want to attend.


Quartz: Google: fascinating company, boring business
While Google makes headlines with the acquisition of existing companies, it is interesting to see that it's still the ads that generate Google's main turnover. 

Tweets that cut the noise

In this week's edition we say good bye to Windows XP, look at the bug that got attention of the mainstream media and dive into structured data. Enjoy!

Open Source

A neat video that should clarify the origin and purpose of open source.

Search Engine Optimization

Amazee Metrics: How to Use Structured Data for SEO
Want to improve the appearance of you search engine results? Then this tutorial might help.


Medium: How can Heartbleed exploit affect me?
Not sure what consequences the SSL vulnerability could have for you? This article might help to get a better understanding. What it meant for our customers and us is documented in this blog post.

SPLOID: Photographer reveals the secret of the Windows XP desktop image
This week Microsoft finally discontinued its support for Windows XP. So before we all go misty-eyed, here a nice background story about the famous default desktop background image.

DrupalCon Austin

DrupalCon Austin 2014: Are You Ready for Drupal 8?
Want hit the ground running with Drupal 8? Then signing up for training before DrupalCon is probably a good idea.

This week the following stories got our attention. Enjoy!


Last Call Media: Drupal 8 Lessons for Developers
We had some fun with Drupal 8 this week. However the folks over at Last Call Media dug a bit deeper and here are their findings.

Drunomics: Drupal Dev Days Szeged wrap-up
From the sounds of our group of developers that returned, from last week's Drupal Dev Days in Hungary, the event was raving success. Drunomics' Josef Dabernig shares his perspective.


Suhayl Khan demonstrates how to access the first web page with devices, which are significantly older than the World Wide Web. This is seriously geeky but amazing at the same time.


Wired: Victory for net neutrality in European Parliament
The European Parliament passed a strong net neutrality law this week. Although it still needs to go to the European Council it's a promising sign.

Tweets that cut the noise

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Dear reader, this week we take a look at Second Screen usage, the first Olympics for bionic athletes and the latest from the world of Drupal. Enjoy!

Drupal Drupal core committer takes Acquia Certification exam. You won't believe what happens next!
In last week's edition we mentioned that Acquia launched a Drupal certification program. Angela Byron, a co-maintainer of Drupal 7, was one of the first to take the exam.

Second Screen

Econsultancy: 16% of TV's audience is using social media at the same time
The Council for Research Excellence's latest study illustrates the spread of Second Screen usage. According to the study every sixth primetime television viewer admits to using social media while doing so.


World Backup Day — March 31st
Is your data safe from disaster? If not make the pledge and back up your data this Monday.


The Verge: Switzerland to host the first Cybathlon, an Olympics for bionic athletes

While in recent years all bids to host the Olympics in Switzerland have ended in misery a different kind of Olympics will be hosted in Zurich in 2016.

Tweets that cut the noise

With Drupal 8 you will be able to the install the CMS from any device in an optimized fashion. Guess what: Our Frontend Developer Emma Karayiannis contributed to this feature.

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This week our focus is on Drupal's first certification program, a service with an amazing potential and how Google's DNS servers have become a popular graffiti motive in Turkey. Enjoy!

Open Source


Dries Buytaert: Acquia certification for Drupal
This week Acquia announced the first certification program for Drupal. Here are Dries Buyaert's thoughts. Expect more to follow on the topic, since it has already been discussed emotionally in the community.


As Konami code aficionados we certainly love this Easter egg in Google’s voice search.

Little Helper

Co.Design: A New App That Lets You Take Apart Websites and Rebuild Them At Will
The service Kimono allows you to transform any website into a structured API in seconds. We already get the data, in a JSON file, from our favourite Indian restaurant with help the service.

Tweets that cut the noise

In the last seven days the following five stories got our attention. Enjoy!

World Wide Web

The Observer: 25 things you might not know about the web on its 25th birthday
To celebrate the quarter-centenary of the webs existence John Naughton assembled a list of 25 facts you might not be aware about it.


Dedesign the Web
How well do you know the web? Dedesign the Web challenges you to identify the wireframes of well-known websites and services.


Drupal Groups: This Week-ish in Drupal Core: March 12, 2014
While there is still no official release date for Drupal 8, following the weekly updates of Drupal 8's core team is a good way to stay up to date.

Little Helper

Is My Shift Key On or Not
iOS 7.1 was released this week. One of the changes turned out to be a source of confusion for some: The new shift key. Here's a little helper to clarify a thing or two.

Tweets that cut the noise

Call it a coincidence. In the week of our 100th issue the web produced some impressive stories.


Drupal Association: A Million Drupal Sites... And Counting!
The Drupal Association announced that Drupal surpassed the milestone of a million live sites. A remarkable achievement and we are proud to have contributed our share towards it.

Web Analytics

Amazee Metrics: Google Analytics vs Universal Analytics: Use our Decision Tree to Make the Right Decision
Not sure what the difference between Google's classic analytics and universal analytics is? Then Amazee Metrics' decision tree should clarify a thing or two.

Marketing Behind the Preplanned Oscar Selfie: Samsung's Ad Strategy
While the selfie at the Oscars might have appeared to be an impromptu idea, here’s some background on how it came about.

Food for thought

Wolf's Little Store: The History of Flat Design
Remember the times when everybody berated skeuomorphism and hailed flat design as the saviour? User experience designer Xavier Bertels gives his view why a comparison with modernism could put things in perspective.


Chris Saad: Breaking News - Your website is not an iPad App
Chris Saad took umbrage with the Time magazine's re-launched website. However his ire isn't solely directed at the American weekly news magazine but at the trend in general.

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In this week's edition we take a look at stories from the world of Drupal, web development in the 90s and the rise of second screen applications. Enjoy!


Eric J. Duran has highlighted the work put in by individuals and companies towards Drupal 8. How many contributors of the Amazee Labs team can you find?

Try Drupal 8
Want to get your feet wet with the current alpha version of Drupal 8 without going trough the hassle of installing and configuring? Then is down your lane.

Second Screen

Twitter: 80% of UK users access Twitter via their mobile
According to a survey by Nielsen 3 in 5 of Twitter mobile users are on the microblogging service whilst watching TV. Sounds like our most recent second screen solution probably wasn't the last one we had to build.

Social Media

The Next Web: Happy ending: @N has been restored to its rightful owner
A few week's ago the Twitter handle @N gained prominence due to a combination of alleged mishaps between PayPal, GoDaddy and Google. This week Naoki Hiroshima got his account back.

Web Development

Zach Holman: Only 90s Web Developers Remember This
Sometimes it's good to look back to the early days of web development. Veteran web developers will certainly remember these techniques and the tags.

This edition of the Essence of a web week takes a look back at the Drupal Global Sprint Weekend, stories surrounding WhatsApp and local differences in selfies. Enjoy! 


Cheppers: Drupal Global Sprint Weekend Wrap-up and Thoughts to the Future
Cathy Theys, the initiator of the first Drupal Global Sprint Weekend, shares her thoughts on the event and its future.


Sequoia Capital: Four Numbers That Explain Why Facebook Acquired WhatsApp
Only one story dominated the social media channels on Thursday morning in Switzerland: Facebook’s latest acquisition. Here is some background of the famously media shy WhatsApp team.

Last year the Oxford English Dictionary announced that "selfie" was the word of the year. The creators of selfiecity analysed the contributions of five major cities and concluded there are local twists to the phenomenon.


Amazee Labs: Copy cats: Seek and destroy?
This week we discovered yet another rip-off of our website. A few months ago, we published a blog post which outlines our dealings with these occurrences.

Tweets that cut the noise

Hindsight is such a wonderful thing as illustrated in this case by WhatsApp's co-founder Brian Acton.

This week's edition acknowledges the Winter Olympics and topics from the world of Drupal, Web analytics and the fight back movement.


Amazee Metrics: Web Analytics and SEO for Startups
At last week's StartupCamp Amazee Metrics' Laura Hornbake and Christina Meyer presented their SEO and Web Analytics tips. Above their slide deck.


DUG February Meeting
Next week this year's first Swiss Drupal User Group will take place. While three presentations are already defined you can still contribute.

Opinion Joining The Day We Fight Back
Larry Garfield, an active member of the Drupal community, argues why the "The Day We Fight Back" is also significant for open source.

Knowledge is porridge

Wall Street Journal: When Two People Win Gold, Where Do They Get the Extra Medal?
The Women's Olympic skiing downhill race ended in a gold medal split. The Wall Street Journal explored the story of the additional medals. 

Tweets that cut the noise


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