By Boris Baldinger 22nd November 2013 Drupal, Events

The memories of BADCamp and DrupalCon Prague are still fresh in my mind, however the Drupal event calendar allowed me to head east again. The destination of this trip was the DrupalCamp Vienna, which attracted around 300 people from all over the world.

Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire kicked off this camp with a keynote, inspired by the slogan of the event, about connecting open minds.

Drupal Austria did a great job organizing this event.

Florian Lorétan held one of the first talks after the keynote. He presented Drupal in a JavaScript world and elasticsearch as an alternative to SOLR.

The FH Technikum Wien is a really nice venue. It offers a lot of daylight regardless of the weather. Also from an architectural point of view it is very interesting. Here are some impressions which I took this morning.

UpdateMy presentation was recorded and is already available on YouTube

By Daniel Truninger 21st November 2013 Drupal, Events

After an eventful DrupalCon in Prague the Drupal calendar has another another workout lined-up for us. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday 300 Drupalistas will meet up in Vienna. Among them are our Michael (schnitzel), Dagmar (dagmita) and Boris (borisbaldinger). If you're heading there too, make sure to attend their sessions.

Friday, 22 November

Saturday, 23 November

There won't be any Swiss chocolate available at our sessions. Come for the content and not for the bribes. ;)

By Gregory Gerhardt 24th September 2013 Drupal, Events

1) The lean booth: As you might know (from our previous blog post), we had to come up with a new booth concept. A visit to the do-it-yourself shop did the rest and it took us (just) an amazing 20 bucks to get our platinum cottage refurbished. A rejuvenation cure!

2) The community is growing: We have seen more visitors at a European DrupalCon than ever. Over 1800 tickets have been sold. This is good news for the European side of the success story. Rather unpleasant that the 1800 web addicts were put offline for about three hours today. But hey, the unspoiled view of Prague made up for my cold turkey.
3) Drupal 8: Dries' "We ship D8 by xx" has cleared way for a more relaxed "We ship when done" paradigm. Let us be the amplifier for Dries' message: It's not too late to join the D8-sprinters!
4) has had a shy start, but is gaining momentum: WE WANT YOU to contribute your Drupal pics to the community's cauldron of DrupalCon memories. If you're not on, you haven't been there. Kind of.
5) Spot this lady and talk to her if you haven't: Johanna Bergmann is new to the Drupal Association and supports Megan as account manager, a great hiring, full of positive energy.
By Gregory Gerhardt 23rd September 2013 Events

Amazee's DrupalCon experience didn't get off to the best of starts: Not one night in Prague and our booth equipment and all the irresistible goodies were already swiped from the car!

Below the assorted leftovers from the burglary. Broken glass, everywhere, but nobody was hurt and the Amazee morale is up as always: Should you spot any Amazee banners, trolleys, flyers and T-shirts pop up anywhere outside the Con, pay us a visit and collect your head money at right our naked booth.

You can find more images over on

By Daniel Truninger 19th September 2013 Drupal, Events, Team

(Image: DrupalCon Prague)

The majority of the Amazee Labs team will be heading to Prague. Here are you chances to meet up with us:

Sunday, 22 September

Monday, 23 September

Tuesday, 24 September

Wednesday, 25 September

Thursday, 26 September

Friday, 27 September

Saturday, 28 September

Sunday, 29 September

For real-time updates of our whereabouts, especially for our evening outings, check our Twitter account.

By Daniel Truninger 11th September 2013 Drupal, Events, Fun

Our preparations for DrupalCon Prague are slowly reaching fever pitch. Since it's less than a fortnight to go we want to share some of our enthusiasm with you. Here is an exclusive preview of two goodies we'll be giving away at the conference.

The first item are gorgeous stickers which certainly will visually enhance any object and spread the message of what Drupal does.

The second one is a super limited edition t-shirt with the same 'Making your web work' motive.

The major question that remains is how you'll get your hands on them. For a sticker just swing by our booth and pick one up, regarding the t-shirt let's just say: watch this space.

Hopefully these two items will have whet your appetite, but remember there is one further item we'll keep under lock and seal until Prague...

Stay in touch – join our newsletter!

By Daniel Truninger 3rd September 2013 Drupal, Events

Photo by Bjørn Giesenbauer

In less than a month's time the focus of the global Drupal community will shift to the capital of the Czech Republic for the European edition of this year's DrupalCon.

We are proud to announce that for a third year in a row we decided to sponsor Europe’s premier Drupal event. And again, we opted to increase our contribution and will welcome you at our platinum booth in the exhibit hall!

Be sure to follow our blog and our social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, in the build up in order to stay in the loop.

By Daniel Truninger 21st June 2013 Business, Events, Fun

Yesterday we finally got around to celebrate the opening of our new office in an appropriate fashion.

Here are some impressions of a fabulous evening with customers, partners and friends.

For more photos head over to our Facebook page.

By Gregory Gerhardt 10th June 2013 Drupal, Events, Fun

Kiev called before 6 am and Boris and me followed with an adventurous 12 km run through the heart of the Ukraine's 3m-capital, surf, turf and some impressive memorials included.

The camp, rich in participants, was as a great opportunity to deepen our poor Russian knowledge - however, neither Boris nor me managed to extract what went beyond the English slides. Topics covered: Symfony, Drupal 8 entities and plugins, Compass, SASS, Susy and more.

At 6 pm it was time to say Будьмо! and Alex, Boris and me headed for town to join the locals for some bowling and more:

(Amazees Boris and Alex talking Drupal)

(Amazees Greg and Alex waiting for the amazing metro)

Thanks to the Orga-Team, especially Slava (above), for being a caring host. We hope to see you soon again! Over on Flickr we've got some additional photos of the Drupal Camp experience. 

By Daniel Truninger 23rd April 2013 Events

(Photo: Pedro Lozano)

The 2nd edition of Switzerland's trade fair for Internet, e-commerce, social media and online marketing ONE will take place on the 15 and 16 of May in Zurich. Like last year there will be a technology conference simultaneously taking place.  At this conference our Head Technology Michael Schmid will be presenting in the Thursday afternoon slot.

With a further year's experience under his belt he will follow up on last year's "Responsive Web Design: Implementierung Dos & Don'ts" presentation. Having successfully released several responsive sites in the last twelve months, he will be able to provide valuable information on what to expect when launching a device agnostic site.

The other three presentations feature subjects like usability and esthetics, mobile first and what users love and hate.

If you want to attend his and the other presentations in that slot you can either purchase a ticket or try your luck in our giveaway.

For your chance to win a free admission (worth CHF 295) to the "Mobile Trends Konferenz" simply subscribe for our newsletter. The winner will be picked among all Newsletter subscribers by Monday 13 May at lunch time (CET). Good luck!

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