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Day 3 of DrupalCon marks the end of the event’s session-based format and includes a closing plenary in which the next DrupalCon location for the following year is announced. (The next European DrupalCon will be in Munich, Germany - woohoo!)

DrupalCon London 2011

At DrupalCon London, day 3 was my favorite - not because the event’s end was drawing near, but because I most enjoyed the day’s sessions.

Three of the conference’s stand-out presentations all occurred on this day:

  1. “Designing the Sustainable Web”
  2. “Adaptive, Responsive, Mobile First and Drupal Theming for the Future with HMTL5, CSS3 and Omega”
  3. “How to Theme Like a Rockstar.”

. . . Heaven for a frontend developer.

If you’re a themer, frontend developer, or someone interested in getting started with Drupal or responsive design, I’d highly suggest watching the aforementioned recorded sessions (links at the end of this post).

Things I’ll do differently/start doing as a themer after DrupalCon London:

  • Continue using Omega, with a new focus on mobile-first theming and true responsive design (not adaptive).
  • Take advantage of the WebFont Loader (target the .wf-loading class, etc...) to combat FOUT (prepackaged in the @font-your-face module).
  • Try the Responsive Images module.
  • Use SASS or LESS CSS to write stylesheets more efficiently.
  • Standardize a bit more on how I theme: directly in the database level or in template files.
  • Advocate using B.A.T.(base, admin, & theme stylesheets) in module development within my team.
  • Attend DrupalCamp Austin & DrupalCon Denver.

Suggested session videos for themers:

Suggested reading on Responsive Design:

By Amazee Labs 25th August 2011 Drupal, Events, Drupal, Business

This blog post is totally overdue but frankly DrupalCon London has just flown by.

The first day of the conference started with Dries Buytaert’s keynote where he addressed the State of Drupal. You can watch the entire keynote or read Ubelly's fabulous summary on their blog.

During the day the team split up to attend a variety of different session reaching from "This Code Stinks!" over "Doing Drupal Security Right" to "Why Royal Mail and UK Government Are Shifting towards Open Source and Drupal" to get updated on the latest trends in the community.

In the evening we participated in the Curry Night which was a blast and took place in downtown London. This meant we could do some sightseeing on our way to the restaurant. Lucky us, we passed the Tower Gate Bridge and the Tower of London while doing so.

More from our activities at DrupalCon should follow soon.

As most of our dear readers already know, Amazee Labs develops based on the unbeatable framework Drupal.

Today was the official start of DrupalCon London, well Croydon actually, where 1,750 Drupalistas are currently gathering for the conference taking place twice a year. Amazee Labs is proud to be a sponsor and on Sunday evening we could sneak a peek of the location and were delighted to discover our brand in pole position:

Six Amazees are currently over to contribute to the event and learn about the next big things to come. And if you happen to be one of our clients, don't worry, we're not just learning. We're using all the spare time (mornings, breaks and nights) for some intense mini-sprints:











Another result of our first early morning session is our new Amazee Lab & Drupal page extension, hope you like it!

You'll hear more from our conference week in London. All work done now. We're off to the official curry night and pub crawl...

By Amazee Labs 9th August 2011 Drupal, Events, Business

DrupalCon London is coming up and we're organising a Swiss Drupal Meetup during the conference week.

Meet us on Tuesday, 23 August 2011 starting 6.30 pm at the TreeHouse in Croydon just a few blocks from the conference location. The first round of drinks are on Amazee Labs! Please RSVP here with a comment or in the Drupal user group to sign up so we can reserve enough space.

All non-Swissies welcome too, of course!

We're looking forward to meeting you all Drupalistas!

UPDATE 23rd August: We're NOT having the meetup at Treehouse. We're all going to the Curry Night! Infos here

By Amazee Labs 8th June 2011 Drupal, Events, Drupal

You like Drupal? You like Design? You like Drupal Designing? Well, then the Drupal Design Camp Berlin is exactly the right thing for you.

Unfortunately, Amazee Labs cannot join this year, but you can!

Check out the Blogpost of MortenDK with a good overview about the DDC. Or the Drupal Design Camp Berlin Site itself.


By Amazee Labs 23rd May 2011 Events

The Typo Berlin 2011 is over but the impressions I had in the last three days will stay. I had the chance to join so many fantastic talks from incredible speakers.

My favorite tracks (and these are quit a lot)

On Thursday

On (the absolutely awesome) Friday

On Saturday

Read more about many of the talks on the Typoberlin Blog (some of them in German, some in English).

Tim Fendley: Legible London

Martin and Thomas Poschauko: NEA MACHINE – The creative machine »Hand – Gut – Hand – Computer«

April Greiman: Topo/Typo

Michael Johnson: Forget the rules. Celebrate the mutable, the modular and the mashed-up

Tina Frank: Go between!

Petr van Blokland: Designer update: what’s next?

Christoph Niemann: Life is what you make it – even if you’re a graphic designer

The Typo Berlin Team: So long and thanks for all the fish.

By Amazee Labs 20th May 2011 Events

Yesterday the Typo Berlin conference started with a three day program, packed with a huge number of talks, shows and workshops. The keynote was held by Christoph Keese (Head of Public Affairs at Axel Springer): "The tablet as medium: successful editorial cocepts, how to earn money with them". From a publisher's point of view his speech was very informative with his ten theses of Germany in the year 2020 (93% broadband, context driven information, free and paid content in co-existence, print products still very important).

Since Axel Springer (one of the biggest news publishing houses in Germany) has to make money with the articles they publish, the talk was a lot about the iPad and how tablets generate a new way to consume information. He demonstrated this with the App of The New Yorker, Iconist and Flipboard. As a graphic designer I would have wished to see more of how the future could look like on tablets but also on the web.

Oliver Reichenstein (We are the medium. Designing the new power of information and its form) was next on track. His look back in history could be titled "priests vs. hackers". The conclusion: the "priests" define a language witch is not accessible to the public. The "hackers", on the other side, try do democratize the knowledge and hack the code.

Then Peter Bil'ak took over and inspired me with his work on typography, language and dance (choreography). Please check out his website and

The most controversial speech came from Roland Reuss (Shifted while studying? Concentration in distracting times). In his opinion people become stupid because of the internet. He pleas for a control of the web by the government. I'm sure, if he could he would shut it down. Even if some ideas where quite interesting, that guy was just too much. Anyway, it was a great day and I'm looking forward to seeing many more inspiring talks in the days to come.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin

Javier Mariscal: Estudio Mariscal and »Chico & Rita«, an animated movie

Sketchnote by Eva-Lotte Lamm

By Amazee Labs 19th May 2011 Events

Yesterday was another day with awesome talks at Future of Web Design. Ethan Marcotte started this day with his speech about Responsive Web Design. For the last few month he worked on the redesign of the Boston Globe Website (launch is coming soon). He pointed out how designers and developers worked together to achieve the most valuable product. For that reason, the team built prototypes to ensure consistency on the different devices.

Next up was Femi T Adesina with the promising title "Enhancing your Creativity". Her talk was very refreshing and interactive. She forced us to be open to everything and create new ideas (this sounds kind of esoteric but it was great). It was really about 'going out of the norm'.

The last talk I'm gonna write about was that of Elliot Jay Stocks. His speech "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" was the kind of talk I hoped to see more of at this conference. In general it was about the 'new techniques' we have like shadows and webfonts. But he also showed us some details on web designs respectively what doesn't work in (web) design.
Two links he shared with us:
Tim Brown - More Perfect Typography (Video, 31 min)

Of course, there were so many more awesome speakers like Sarah B Nelson (Bullet Proof Communication Techniques: A UX Strategist's Guide), Josh Clark (Cage Match: Mobile Web vs Native Apps) and last but not least Bruce Lawson (Web Anywhere: Mobile Optimisation With HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript).
I will add the slides of the most interesting talks as soon as they become available.

I really enjoyd this conference. The venue was really nice (I love brickstones), the catering was fantastic (and for free) and the WiFi connection always fast. What else could you wish for? So, thanks a lot to the Future of Web Design team and all the best for next year.

Femi T Adesina: Enhancing your Creativity

Elliot Jay Stocks: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


By Amazee Labs 18th May 2011 Events

Yesterday was the first day of the Future of Web Design Conference in London. Speakers like Aarron Walter (Transforming Ideas into Interfaces), Mike Kus (Designing for Humans) and Aral Balkan (Making the New Everyday Things) rocked the stage.

Aarron's talk about creativity and wireframing was very inspiring. He pointed out how changing the environment and sharing your ideas with people can help you solving proplems. Even if this is not a new insight, it's so important to do it.
Mike showed us how he works with a stop motion screen cast of one of his designs. It felt like peeking over his shoulder while he's at work. Hope he's gonna share this online soon.
Aral as the last speaker of the first day just blew us away with his powerful talk about designing everyday things. As a designer with a strong believe in usability he spoke from the bottom of my heart.

Today I'm looking forward seeing Paul Boag (Getting Down To Business: How To Be Successful With Web Design), Elliot Jay Stocks (With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility) and last but not least Ethan Marcotte with his talk about Responsive Web Design. Maybe one of the main topic of this conference.

By the way: @ubelly did some live sketching during the talks. You can find the awesome drawings on Flickr.


The Venue at The Brewery


Dan Rhatigan about web fonts


Mike Kus about designing for human


By Amazee Labs 17th May 2011 Events

Finally today the Future of Web Design conference in London starts. The lineup predicts a great variety of interesting talks. I am really looking forward to seeing speakers like Paul Boag (Getting Down To Business: How To Be Successful With Web Design), Dan Rubin (The New Language of Web Design), Elliot Jay Stocks (With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility) and many more. But I am also thrilled to meet Mike Kus who designed our Amazee Labs Website and lately has started his own agency.

This year the conference takes place at The Brewery which looks just awesome (I hope the WiFi works well).

After the talks there will be plenty of time to meet friends and have a couple of beers. But for now: may the conference beginn. I'll keep you updated.


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