By Amazee Labs 1st March 2011 Fun, Business

If you are familiar with how we do things here at Amazee Labs, you might have heard of "Geek points" before. We administer Geek points for geeky findings, hacks, stuff, remarks, whatever. The geekier, the more points you get. Although we have no chart or definitive point allotment system, we all are eager to collect points.

Every now and then we give honorary Geek points to people outside of the team as a show of respect for geeky accomplishments. Our honorary Geek points this week go out to the Foursquare engineers, who managed to hack together a script which allowed them to find the rudest city in the World.

Of course this is only an example of what the guys at Foursquare can do, but in their blog post they explain a lot of techie stuff that frankly fries my brains. It seems they can run any query they want, given a fitting definition. And just for those of you who are curious: The rudest city in the World, measured by swear words in Foursquare tips (only English language was scanned, in cities with a total of over 1,000 tips), is Manchester, England. Congratulations! (And our Danny has already found an explanation for this, nevermind he is a fervent supporter of Manchester United). Well done, Foursquare, and thanks for providing the fun facts.

Of course, this is, on a more serious side, a good step towards distilling useful data to make Foursquare a powerful marketing tool based on the input given by the user. I've been forecasting a more "serious" use of location-based services for a while now, it seems like small moves like these are leading into the right direction.

(Image by Elijah, Licence: CC BY-NC 2.0)

By Amazee Labs 19th January 2011 Fun, Business

Just as about anybody, we at Amazee Labs enjoy our share of lolz. So, here's a not so serious (but still somewhat true) approach as whether you should share something you found on the Web or not.

By Amazee Labs 24th December 2010 Fun

It's Christmas today and you can help us win a MacBook Air! How? Just like Michi's comment at Facebook (till 18.00 CET today) and help us get 60 more Likes, pleeeaaazee. Here's the 4 simple steps:

1. Like "Joiz":

2. Go to this Page:

3. Scroll down until you see Michi's Comment

4. Like it!

That's it, thank you :) We'll keep you posted...

By Amazee Labs 20th December 2010 Fun

Here's another TED talk that caught my interest. Rachel Botsman, co-author of the book "What's mine is yours – The rise of Collaborative Consumption" (support your local book dealer!), speaks about how consumption is shifting from the more proprietary approach of owning things to a sharing approach: owning things at one point in time, but being willing to give it away again. Rachel explores the different facets of modern consumption and gives quite some food for thought.

By Amazee Labs 17th December 2010 Fun

Please forgive this little insider joke, I just can't resist it. Especially since I thought last night: "Wouldn't it be totally awesome if somewhere on the Web there were a site where you can customize your text onto the blackboard from the Simpsons' opening credits?" – And now there is! Awesome. (You want it large? Click on it!)

By Amazee Labs 16th December 2010 Fun, Business

Being one of Switzerland's leaders in cutting-edge thinking about Social Media Since we are in the Social Media business, offering Community solutions and Social Media strategy as well as implementation, we like to ponder all things online. Get philosophical on you, if you like. This is also why we have just finished our second report on e-Society in Switzerland (more to come soon).

Anyway, here is a presentation Paul Adams held a couple of months back. Paul works with Google and is doing a lot of research for their UX department (and works on products like Buzz and Youtube). The talk he held revolved around the incompatibility of Offline and Online Social Networks. And how to design Social Networking sites in a fashion that allows for a more "realistic" replication of existing Offline Social Networks of its users.

I think Paul has got a few interesting points to show, it is well worth clicking through, although it is a lengthy slide collection. Also, it gives a good insight into how one of the Big Dogs is working.

By Amazee Labs 23rd November 2010 Fun

Mike Kus is the lad who designed our fabulous Amazee Labs homepage and naturally, we continue to dig the things he does. I myself, always ready to appreciate a good bit of design, am a special sucker for his works. So, please, feel these totally awesome posters of famous Tweets he made!

You can find more posters here.

By Amazee Labs 28th October 2010 Fun

Our interaction designer Samuel just came up with a branded solution to solve our chronic hypoglycaemia: The Labs cake!

By Amazee Labs 21st September 2010 Fun

Greg and Dania are back from their holiday in Greece. They've changed just a tiny bit (must be the sun), but they've brought the new Amazee T-Shirts along!

(Via FYVM.)


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