By Daniel Truninger 21st February 2014 Events, Fun, Team

A month ago the World Economic Forum (WEF) had its annual due in Davos. After many successful workshops in Gstaad we opted for a new location and headed for the same mountain resort as the WEF for this year's edition.

Here are some impressions of our WAF (Workshop And Fun) in Davos.

By Daniel Truninger 20th January 2014 Team

We are happy and excited to welcome Emma Karayiannis to the team.

Emma earned her first merits before she even joined Amazee Labs. During our hour of need the English lady lent us a helping hand and supported us in the assembly of Amazee's booth at DrupalCon Prague. The first impression counts and it was not long that we could win the frontend developer for our team. Turns out that every cloud has its silver lining.

Welcome aboard, Milady!

By Gregory Gerhardt 30th December 2013 Business, Team

Monday morning, our team silently working in a beautiful new office, Zurich's fog slowly giving way to another magic morning. We love our new work space, just a stone's throw from Technopark.

Yet, it's with great joy that I think back of the not so remote days in Zurich's startup incubator: Our team working shoulder to shoulder in sweatshoppy conditions, hot summers, client meetings on the hallway, an underperforming house cantina, our rattling, yet unbreakable coffee machine. The relocation was more than just a move, it marked the detachment from a startup life.

2013 has been a leap in many ways.

Six more Amazees joined the team: Dagmar for Project Management; Bastian for DevOps; Corina for Operations; Alex for Backend Development; Anna for UX Research and Consulting; and Marc for a Dev traineeship. Amazee Labs will start the new year with a crew of 18, the perfect size to serve our clients as a reliable yet flexible and personal partner.

In line with the team growth our processes and checklists were significantly improved and we have been lucky to serve some of the leading companies in media, finance and retail. The hard work has resulted in 16 remarkable Drupal websites that are run on a brand new Drupal Cluster providing better performance, security and reliability.

Next to that, we added a new family member to the Amazee world and established our sister company Amazee Metrics. Metrics was created as a dedicated service unit for all things data, web analysis, visualization and search engine marketing. Headed by Evelyn Thar, the team has grown to three and has run break even just after a few months of service.

Beyond our daily business, Amazee Labs has been active for the Drupal community like in no year before. We have contributed to the TMGMT initiative, more than a dozen presentations at DrupalCamps and DrupalCons and supported DrupalCon Prague with a Platinum sponsorship.

Summa summarum, 2013 has been another successful year among some of the most exceptional and spirited people including team and clients. In terms of revenues it marked the third profitable year, driving our ambition to become one of the global Drupal leaders. Not by size, but by excellence. And we've got some exciting projects ahead.

We wish you, dear reader, a successful and happy 2014.

By Daniel Truninger 29th November 2013 Fun, Team

On Saturday Movember comes to a close and, while keeping a stiff upper lip, our moustaches will face the razor blades. However, before signing off from our month of manliness we want to grant our Mos their last hurrah.

While providing us with laughs, especially in the beginning, it's safe to assume that the majority won't adopt a moustache as a permanent feature.

In case you now feel the urge to donate you still can do so on our Movember team page.

By Daniel Truninger 11th November 2013 Fun, Team

By the amount of facial hair growing in the office you may be excused for thinking that we are in the progress of branching out into the timber industry.

Fortunately the motivation behind cultivating a moustache stems from a different source. During the month of November a bunch of men of the lab are participating in Movember. The annual, month-long event targets to raise awareness for male specific illnesses such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer and raise funds for related research by men cultivating a moustache.

If you laughed out loudly, while looking at our efforts, you have support our quest of manliness by making a small donation on our Movember team page. Otherwise feel free do so anyway. More photos will follow.

By Daniel Truninger 8th October 2013 Team

DrupalCon Prague attendees already had the chance to meet our latest team member: Marc Pfändler is a Zurich born and bred man of many talents who decided to tread a new career path and start an apprenticeship as information technician. He joins us to complete the practical part of his training. It is safe to say that he has taken to the team like a duck to water.
Welcome to the A-Team, Marc!
By Daniel Truninger 19th September 2013 Drupal, Events, Team

(Image: DrupalCon Prague)

The majority of the Amazee Labs team will be heading to Prague. Here are you chances to meet up with us:

Sunday, 22 September

Monday, 23 September

Tuesday, 24 September

Wednesday, 25 September

Thursday, 26 September

Friday, 27 September

Saturday, 28 September

Sunday, 29 September

For real-time updates of our whereabouts, especially for our evening outings, check our Twitter account.

By Daniel Truninger 5th September 2013 Team

There is new face in our daily stand-up meeting! Bastian is joining Amazee Labs as a seasoned expert for all things IT infrastructure and servers. Find out more about the man who will keep your servers plain sailing on our team page.

We are delighted to have you on board, Bastian!

By Daniel Truninger 25th July 2013 Team

In the sweltering heat, of a Swiss summer that deserves its name, it's our great pleasure to welcome Anna Hanchar to the team.

As part of her Master course in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Basel she will complete here practical part with us. Next to serving our clients and team with the latest findings in web usability research, she will add a new nationality to our tropical mix: Anna hails from Belarus. When not pursuing her studies she can be found hiking, snowboarding or listening to some weighty metal tunes.

Welcome on board Anna.

By Boris Baldinger 16th July 2013 Team

With the current weather conditions we are enjoying our new office and the terrace. Therefore a little BBQ over lunch is just the right thing to boost the team spirit even more.

A lot of meat and sausages. Actually all of this was sponsored by a friend of ours (@slartbart), thank you very much.

Michael is quite an all-rounder

Enjoying our meal


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