5 Web Design Trends for 2013

5 Web Design Trends for 2013

By Sascha Eggenberger 7th January 2013

Here are five web design trends which could shape 2013:

Prediction #1: Responsive Web Design

This probably isn't the most adventurous of predictions - since you certainly are aware of this trend already. Most of the sites we crafted in 2012 were responsive from the very beginning and 2013 will probably see responsive design establish itself as a must-have rather than a nice-to-have feature. Here is a selection of responsive sites we made:



Prediction #2: Full Screen Backgrounds

One upcoming design trend, without a doubt, are full screen background images on websites. Like responsive web design it started to surface more frequently last year and will not disappear anytime soon.

Prediction #3: Centered Logos

A few years ago I always had the feeling that a logo should be in the top left or top right corner of a website. But since then many things have changed. Nowadays I am a huge fan of centered logos and predict more centered logos in 2013. LikeMag, one of our latest projects, features a centered logo.


Prediction #4: The Sidebar

After a few year in the wilderness the sidebar will have its comeback. Way back in the times when people used frames for their sites, sidebars were really popular and 2013 will see their renaissance - but this time with cool CSS3 transitions and mind-blowing effects.

Prediction #5: Retina Display Support

With Apple's line-up of high-resolution (hi-res) displays, we will hopefully see more support for Retina displays this year. We already released some projects with hi-res support:


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Chelsea Brady's picture
Chelsea Brady

Awesome collection here. Food for thought on my next design, thanks!

Juan Pablo 's picture
Juan Pablo

Great inspiration source I definitely prefer centered logos.
A side question, how do you create those website screenshot in iPad, iPhone and iMac? Is there an application for that? (http://blog.amazeelabs.com/sites/default/files/OLD/design-trend-2013_res...)

sascha eggenberger's picture
Sascha Eggenberger

@Juan Pablo

I'm using the Awesome Screenshot Extension for Google Chrome (get it here).
For iPad & iPhone Screenshots just adjust the Browser Window to the right size

Greg Williams's picture
Greg Williams

Great tips Sascha! I noticed a lot of people are predicting the great rise of responsive design (ie.: http://www.rocketfirestudios.com/blog/5-web-design-trends-for-2013/). Could you recommend me some good resources where I could read more about this?

clemens schuster's picture
Clemens Schuster

Thanks so much of being our creative and coding and and and guys! We are proud that we fit in at least 4 of your 5 trends - well, being 2 out of 5 examples, seems we're doing things right! You are great (ok, I've said that but it's true anyway)!

gregory gerhardt's picture
Gregory Gerhardt

@Clemens, with pleasure. Thanks for your kind words.

sascha eggenberger's picture
Sascha Eggenberger

@Greg Williams

Sorry for the late reply. I would recommend this site here: http://bradfrost.github.com/this-is-responsive/resources.html

Geraldine Roxas's picture
Geraldine Roxas

There are a lot of web design predictions that will boost this year. I have noticed that you didn't include parallax effect in your prediction because some experts believe that it will become a hit this year, too. Anyway, I think all web designers are agreeing that 2013 is the year for responsive website. And I think it's really true because most of the websites I've visited (like mashable) have gone responsive already.

AguaeSolution's picture

Thanks for sharing this awesome collection and providing the tips. I will definitely use some of them in my future design task.

Ronald's picture

These trends observed in web design will help website designers to design innovative websites that will appeal to online visitors and inspire them to make a purchase. The way the sidebars have transformed and are making a comeback is notable, creating effective website designs.

Troy's picture

Ohhh yeah these designs are really Awesome but people are not giving importance to design the website properly and not caring very much. Only they want the website that's it. Thanks very much for sharing these valuable designs with us..

michael- Web Design's picture
michael- Web Design

The full screen images are nice but they take away from SEO. There is no content for people to read. So the picture must have several meaning to it. I really like the centered logo. I feel a lot of people start at the center then move in a z. Sidebars are nice if you have enough content. Thanks for the examples!

Webbier's picture

Web designing is totally based on creativity and knowledge. Your onpage work on a webpage and content affects the site's ranking. on page factors affect a lot to a website when we discuss the points on ranking.

Dirck's picture

I have certainly seen the full page background webdesigns taking its place now in most of the websites. The predictions have proved out to be true in many areas. The responsive website is also an upcoming trend.

lainaa's picture

Thanks very nice blog!

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