Essence of a web week: Week 51

Essence of a web week: Week 51

In the last edition of the year we will take a look at: two design and user experience stories, some impressive numbers, multilingual Drupal site and Instagram.

The Essence of a web week series will take a Christmas break and return in the New Year.

Design and User Experience

Bassett & Partners: Connecting

In this documentary industry experts give their say on how they believe interaction design and user experience will become a central part in the Internet of Things.

Hello Erik: UX is not UI
Erik Flowers extensively explains why user interface design is only a small part of a user experience while referring to the UX umbrella.


Communities Dominate Brands: Latest Mobile Numbers for End of Year 2012 - This is getting humongous..
If you need some facts and figures to argue why Responsive Web Design isn't just a nice to have feature - this might be something for you!


LevelTen: Lessons Learned from 3 Drupal Multilingual Projects
The majority of websites we release are multilingual. If you are not familiar with the subject this blog post gives you a first hand experience of getting to grips with it.

Tweets that cut through the noise.

The change of Instagram's terms of service created a stir this week. Kenton Allen tried to give the subject a different perspective.

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    Hi there

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    Ditto - I am in the process of moving to syslog and finding a better way to monitor many sites on a couple different servers.

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    I'm looking to implement something like this and found this post very useful as a starting point, but if you have any recipes or configur