The periodic table of Drupal modules [infographic & wallpapers]

The periodic table of Drupal modules [infographic & wallpapers]

By Daniel Truninger 23rd August 2012 Drupal

The periodic table of Drupal modules

Modules are the basic structural elements of the Drupal web sites we build. As in chemistry, every one of them has specific characteristics. To help the rookies of our Drupal Community get a quick overview and the experienced site builders remember the basic modules, we created the Periodic Table of Drupal Modules. Each of the 106 most popular modules is featured it’s own square, with its name, symbol, and ranking, based on the number of downloads from

The Periodic Table of Drupal Modules was introduced as a limited edition poster at DrupalCon Munich. By popular demand we decided to provide three additional versions for the community.

Update September 2013: For DrupalCon Prague we updated the Periodic Table of Drupal Modules and created some additional Drupal 8 inspired wallpapers, which you can download.

Wallpaper versions


Embed code

<p><a href="" title="The periodic table of Drupal modules by Amazee Labs."><img src=""/></a></p>

PDF version

The Periodic Table of Drupal Modules (PDF, 2.9 MB)

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Cameron Eagans (cweagans)'s picture
Cameron Eagans ...

How often do I like jokes about Science?


Jerry Witt's picture
Jerry Witt


This is the sort of thing that would make an awesome tshirt or poster for a fundraiser for the Drupal Association. If this IS available for purchase in those formats, please let me know. If it's not and you agree, I'd be happy to donate some time to set up a posterburner or printfection store.

Alex Weber's picture
Alex Weber

This is awesome! Minor complaint: too bad there's a lot Drupal 6 modules there that are no longer applicable :(

cms metrics's picture
cms metrics

This is a great idea, and I agree with Jerry Witt, if it was to be printed on tee-shirts I would wear it ;-) Very helpfull metrics about the Drupal cms AND classy, thanks !

Greg Anderson's picture
Greg Anderson

Okay, so who's going to write the Drush extension that lets you download modules by their two-character PTOM symbol? :)

Edgard Stultjens's picture
Edgard Stultjens

A beauty! Would it be an idea to add an indicator for the drupal version supported in one of the free corners? Would make it look even more like Mr Mendeleev's...

Dirk Ruediger's picture
Dirk Ruediger

Thank you for releasing this cool poster! It was IMHO one of the creative highlights at this Con!

Having a new Poster above my desk. :)

Damien McKenna's picture
Damien McKenna

Were you only including Drupal 7 modules? I ask because I don't see the D6-only Nodewords listed and it currently ranks #42 on the official chart:

daniel truninger's picture
Daniel Truninger

@Damien McKenna: Yes, we only included modules which have a Drupal 7 version.  Unfortunately Nodewords didn't make the periodic table for that reason. 

@Dirk Ruediger: Thank you for the compliment. We would love to see a photo of the poster on your wall.

@Edgard Stultjens, Jerry Witt & cms metrics: Thank you for your suggestions. We'll keep your feedback in mind.

xiu wlan's picture
xiu wlan

a very great and creative idea i must say. i have some small modules of mine too but the are not in the top 100 :)

Churchill Madyavanhu's picture
Churchill Madyavanhu

Great idea. I am also ready to wear the tshirt. This is going to be my first tweet. :-)

Mark Royko's picture
Mark Royko

Great, great, great! One thing, though: I move that Context be moved up, right there next to Panels. That should do it.

Alice's picture

I don't think you understand what a periodic table of elements is. It's not just a table of elements sorted by value, it's also a grouping of elements on type.

This makes it hard to read, doesn't give the relative popularity - only a ranking, doesn't give both shortnames and long names, and doesn't have any descriptions of the modules.

daniel truninger's picture
Daniel Truninger

@Alice: Thank you for your feedback. Be assured that we are aware that Mr. Mendeleev's periodic table is by far more complex than our initial version with the Drupal modules. We will keep it in mind for future editions of the periodic table of Drupal modules.

Pete's picture

We sell T-Shirts, mugs and such on-line. We'd like to make a page of products with the Drupal Periodic Table. Would that be OK?

stephvhosny's picture

This is brilliant. Well done guys! A great tool for developers. Hope you can get involved at our forthcoming DrupalCamp North West UK @drupalcampnw

daniel truninger's picture
Daniel Truninger

@Pete: We do not intend to create commercial products with the periodic table of Drupal modules ourself nor do we envisage third parties to create them either. For further questions feel free to contact me via e-mail: daniel [at] amazeelabs [dot] com.

@stephvhosny: Although the prospect of Mancuian rain would appeal to some of our team members, Manchester isn't down the road from us. Good luck with the DrupalCamp.

mbouchard58's picture

Great graphic, poor copy. There are no degrees of uniqueness. Something is unique or it isn't. You want to say "...used to create some of the most unusual web sites..." or "most compelling" or whatever. You can also say "...used to create unique web sites..." Yes, I understand people will say I'm picking nits (or gnits), but if your copy was code it would fail regression testing or at least get kicked back on style problems.

daniel truninger's picture
Daniel Truninger

@mbouchard58: Thank you for pointing it out. Rest assured that we will adapt the copy in the next version of the periodic table of Drupal modules, accordingly.

dragan eror's picture
Dragan Eror

Nice job, I like it :)
It would be nice if there is a dark version ;)

Cinderella's picture

Awesome! Great graphic, I love it! Good job

fondos de pantalla's picture
fondos de pantalla

Good post. I will be experiencing some of these issues as well.

Vic Stathopoulos's picture
Vic Stathopoulos

Very useful infographic. I have discovered some new modules from looking at it. I going to test some of the out. Periodic table is a great idea, it reminds me of my chemistry days at school.

Simon Diplock's picture
Simon Diplock

Love it! Definitely the t-shirt for me in NZ this coming summer. Can I have permission to print a few off and give them as client Christmas gifts, crediting you of course?.

CoolDeep Singh's picture
CoolDeep Singh

AWesome work mate!!! Really incredible.. what a person even to conceive of such a thing.. amazing!!!

daniel truninger's picture
Daniel Truninger

@Simon: As mentioned in a previous comment, we do not intend to create commercial products with the periodic table of Drupal modules ourselves nor do we envisage third parties to create them either. For further questions feel free to contact me via e-mail: daniel [at] amazeelabs [dot] com.

Mahesh's picture

Such an awesome and creative idea. I love it. Definitely drupal guys are most innovative. This is the best way to promote a great platform Drupal

Nusrat's picture


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