This week the Drupal project turned thirteen. A milestone also re- flected by its prominence in this week's edition. If that doesn't tickle you fancy the stunning imagery of the included video will. Enjoy!


Reddit: I'm Dries Buytaert, project lead of Drupal. Ask me anything
On Wednesday Drupal's project lead and founder Dries Buytaert hosted a Reddit Ask me anything session. While your chance to ask him a question via that platform is over, you can still read the session's protocol. 

Drupal Groups: This YEAR in Drupal Core (2013)
Angie Byron (webchick) gives an update regarding the amount of work that was done on Drupal's core during the course of last year.


GoPros, drones and extreme sports videos are three things we've got a soft spot for. A video incorporating all of them certainly registers on our radar.


StartupCamp Switzerland 2014
The registration for the annual StartupCamp in Basel opened on Monday and the seats are going away like hot cakes. To avoid any disappointments, make sure to secure yours sooner than later.

Tweets that cut through the noise


By Daniel Truninger 13th January 2014 Drupal, Events

During the last weekend of January several Drupal contribution sprints will be taking place across the globe. The Swiss chapter will be happening at our office on both days.

Regardless of your knowledge level, if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute and are warmly welcomed.

We will split into pairs and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. If possible, install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core.

Pro tip for new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on and taking a look at the Drupal Ladder.

We are looking forward to welcome you for some serious sprinting.

In the first edition of 2014 we take a look at stories from the world of personalization, advertising and have a suggestion for a potential business. Enjoy!


Gábor Hojtsy on Drupal: Five good reasons to register for Drupal Dev Days Szeged now!
DrupalCons are amazing events but for developers the annual Dev Days certainly are on par. Gábor Hojtsy, Drupal 8’s multilingual initiative lead, gives five reasons why not to miss the next edition.

Food for Thought

ThoughtGadgets: Why Netflix walked away from personalization
Blogger Ben Kunz argues that in order to find new and exciting content algorithms might not be the Holy Grail, for every use case, after all.

Social Media

ReadWrite: CBS Tests Twitter Rules By Placing Film Critic's Tweet In An Ad
A story that gives the term Promoted Tweet a slightly different meaning.


Smashing UX Design: 50 Problems In 50 Days: The Power Of Not Knowing
Interaction designer Pete Smart challenged himself with solving 50 problems in the same amount of days. Here’s the story of a problem he tackled on his quest in Turin, Italy. Almost like a possible Amazee Labs Extreme challenge.

Tweets that cut through the noise

You might want to lose the expletive in your business plan... 

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By Gregory Gerhardt 30th December 2013 Business, Team

Monday morning, our team silently working in a beautiful new office, Zurich's fog slowly giving way to another magic morning. We love our new work space, just a stone's throw from Technopark.

Yet, it's with great joy that I think back of the not so remote days in Zurich's startup incubator: Our team working shoulder to shoulder in sweatshoppy conditions, hot summers, client meetings on the hallway, an underperforming house cantina, our rattling, yet unbreakable coffee machine. The relocation was more than just a move, it marked the detachment from a startup life.

2013 has been a leap in many ways.

Six more Amazees joined the team: Dagmar for Project Management; Bastian for DevOps; Corina for Operations; Alex for Backend Development; Anna for UX Research and Consulting; and Marc for a Dev traineeship. Amazee Labs will start the new year with a crew of 18, the perfect size to serve our clients as a reliable yet flexible and personal partner.

In line with the team growth our processes and checklists were significantly improved and we have been lucky to serve some of the leading companies in media, finance and retail. The hard work has resulted in 16 remarkable Drupal websites that are run on a brand new Drupal Cluster providing better performance, security and reliability.

Next to that, we added a new family member to the Amazee world and established our sister company Amazee Metrics. Metrics was created as a dedicated service unit for all things data, web analysis, visualization and search engine marketing. Headed by Evelyn Thar, the team has grown to three and has run break even just after a few months of service.

Beyond our daily business, Amazee Labs has been active for the Drupal community like in no year before. We have contributed to the TMGMT initiative, more than a dozen presentations at DrupalCamps and DrupalCons and supported DrupalCon Prague with a Platinum sponsorship.

Summa summarum, 2013 has been another successful year among some of the most exceptional and spirited people including team and clients. In terms of revenues it marked the third profitable year, driving our ambition to become one of the global Drupal leaders. Not by size, but by excellence. And we've got some exciting projects ahead.

We wish you, dear reader, a successful and happy 2014.

By Daniel Truninger 24th December 2013

We'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year! 

In the last edition of the year we will take a look at: the endless opportunities Lego offers, Drupal lingo and the user experience trends of 2013. Enjoy.


So look no further should you still have some spare time. If that's too ambitious, here’s another building bricks based inspiration.


Drupal Watchdog: Drupal in Layman’s Terms
Admittedly for non Drupalistas the terminology used in the project can be a bit daunting. Todd Tomlinson's guide to Drupal terms should therefore be the perfect helper.

Drupal Association: Five Reasons We Are Excited About DrupalCon Austin
When the Drupal Association says they are excited regarding DrupalCon Austin then we are too.

User Experience

UX Magazine: The Top UX Trends of 2013
Contributors to the UX Magazine and industry experts collected their notable user experience trends of the current year in this extensive rundown. 

Tweets that cut through the noise


Not a groundbreaking insight but a swift reminder of what a diverse environment the web has become.

By Daniel Truninger 19th December 2013 Drupal

December traditionally produces a plethora of end of year reviews and we want to chip in too. Open-source projects like Drupal depend of the sharing of knowledge. Besides being committed to participating in contribution sprints and submitting patches on we believe that by writing blog posts we can additionally share some of our know how with the community.

Since the lifespan of content on the web is short, we want to highlight some stand out posts written by our team this year:

The new face of Omega 4 & The new face of Omega 4, Part II

Kathryn McClintock points out the new features of favorite responsive theme’s latest iteration. 

Drupal behaviors: A quick how to

Want to get the most out of JavaScript in a Drupal environment? Then give Drupal behaviors a go. Victor Künzig's tutorial will help you.

How To: Loading ads in a Drupal AJAX call asynchronously

Boris Baldinger explains how you can call new ads on infinite loading pages. This blog post also was the basis of his BAD Camp presentation.

Fun with Potatoes & Other Wallpapers

For DrupalCon Prague Andrew McClintock created a gorgeous set of Drupal 8 inspired wallpapers to enhance your desktop's appearance.

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How fast time flies by! Regardless, these five things managed to stand out this week. Enjoy!


KnackForge: Creating a custom drush command
Drush is a Drupal developer's best friend. Here's a quick tutorial which illustrates how easy it is to create a new custom command.

R.J.'s Blog: The Life of a Drupal Developer as Illustrated by Cat GIFs
We love Drupal and appreciate cat content. So combining both topics naturally gets our attention.

Search Engine Optimization

Amazee Metrics: SEO Guide: How to improve the ranking of your website
George Papadongonas, author of the popular Drupal SEO Checklist, outlines the necessarily steps for a better ranking.

Popular culture

YouTube Rewind 2013
In case the latest music fads and viral videos just pass you by and leave you cold, here's a quick helper so you can appear to be down with the kids.


#OtherOfficeDay by Boris Baldinger
For 2014 our developer Boris has made the resolution to work from a different office once a month and invites others to do so too. (Link in German)

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By Daniel Truninger 11th December 2013 Business, Drupal

We’ve been busy in the last few weeks and it’s our pleasure to introduce the latest release off our production line: Swisscom SME Business World.

SME Business World is an initiative by Switzerland's biggest telecommunications provider to help and connect SMEs in the country. 

The focus of this mandate lay in refining the editor’s experience. While content editors often are forgotten in web projects, they took the center stage in this one. Specific improvements were made by providing a solution consisting of modules like Fieldable panels panes and Ctool’s page manager to provide a powerful in-place editing experience.

Since Switzerland is a multilingual country the Translation Management Tool and the Supertext module were implemented to ensure the quality of copy, in the different languages, is consistent on the site.

Besides these less visible betterments the site received a facelift too.

We hope that Switzerland’s SMEs can profit from the output of the platform's exuberant content editors.

Dear reader, besides the omnipresent Amazon drones we've seen some more highlights from the world of copycats, Drupal and a potential relict on websites. Enjoy!


OSTraining: The State of Drupal 8: November 2013
The guys over at OSTraining regularly post great summaries of Drupal 8's progress. Here is their November update which somehow slipped under our radar last week.

Willy Dobbe: Tour De Drupal, come to DrupalCon Amsterdam by bike
What started as a joke during the closing session of DrupalCon Prague seems to be gaining momentum.


Wired UK: Even if the law lets them fly, Amazon's delivery drones are still nonsense
Amazon's announcement of their delivery drones spread like wildfire this week. However Wired's Marcus Wohlsen points out some issues.

Food for thought

8 Gram Gorilla: Can We Kill Off The Home Nav Item Yet?
Gordon McLachlan raises the question if a home link in a navigation should be included or if they are a relict of the past.


While we have our history with copycats, this blog is dedicated to logo rip-offs.

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