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DrupalCamp Vienna 2013: Recordings
In case you missed last weekend's DrupalCamp in Vienna, here's your chance to catch up with the sessions held.

User Experience

Tab Closed; Didn't Read
If you think you can get your visitor’s attention by adding a message in a modal window on the load for a page, you’re right. However, you are also annoying them, increasing your sites bounce rate and risking being named and shamed.


Co.Design: The Best Time Of Day To Drink Coffee
Like in many other companies the coffee machine is crucially linked to our happiness. Here’s a scientific approach how to get the biggest kick out of your cup of brew.

Social Media

Econsultancy: The top 16 social media fails of 2013
The end of the year is approaching quite rapidly and so the best of list are back in fashion. Here are 16 social media fails which stood out this year.

Tweets that cut through the noise

By Daniel Truninger 29th November 2013 Fun, Team

On Saturday Movember comes to a close and, while keeping a stiff upper lip, our moustaches will face the razor blades. However, before signing off from our month of manliness we want to grant our Mos their last hurrah.

While providing us with laughs, especially in the beginning, it's safe to assume that the majority won't adopt a moustache as a permanent feature.

In case you now feel the urge to donate you still can do so on our Movember team page.

By Daniel Truninger 25th November 2013 Drupal

Be friends with your content editor

Boris doing his part of spreading the word of Pamela Barone's (pameeela) session at DrupalCon Prague.

Translation Management

Michael and Christophe Galli held a reprise of their DrupalCon session.

There Are No Bad Clients, Just Bad Project Managers

Dagmar talked about her experience as a project manager. According to Twitter this session was the best one at the camp.

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By Boris Baldinger 23rd November 2013 Drupal, Events

John O'Nolan (twitter), the guy from ghost, kicked off day 2 of the DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 with a very impressive keynote about the topic "Focus - The value of choosing just one thing at the bazaar".

After the keynote, it was time for Michael and Christophe to present the the Translation Management Tool.

And directly after this presentation, Dagmar talked about why there are no bad clients, only bad project managers.

She attracted quite a crowd with her talk.

And if you missed the presentation you can watch it on YouTube.

Overall we had a really great time in Vienna! It was a pleasure to be here and connect with other open minded people.

A special Thank you goes out to the members of Drupal Austria who made this event possible.

I also have uploaded a selection of photos I took during the camp on flickr.

Dear reader, in this edition we'll take look at Bitcoin, the hardest race in the world and some typical Swiss things. Enjoy!


This summer we followed the Red Bull X-Alps race  from Salzburg to Monaco. Here's a short clip of the winning team, Christian Maurer and Thomas Theurillat. Amazee Labs sponsored their epic race with a digital landing pad for all groupies.


Washington Post: 12 questions about Bitcoin you were too embarrassed to ask
Not sure what to make of the digital currency Bitcoin? Here are 12 answers that might help. Alternatively the video featured in Issue 62 can be recommended to you. 


GitHub: saschaeggi/alfred-knocktounlock
We absolutely love the Knock app at Amazee Labs. However there was one tiny thing we missed in it: Motivation enough for our Interaction Designer Sascha to write an Alfred workflow to resolve the issue.


BuzzFeed: 18 Signs You Grew Up In Switzerland
We are quite a diverse team. Nevertheless, one could observe a few nodding heads in the office while this list was read.

Tweets that cut through the noise

By Boris Baldinger 22nd November 2013 Drupal, Events

The memories of BADCamp and DrupalCon Prague are still fresh in my mind, however the Drupal event calendar allowed me to head east again. The destination of this trip was the DrupalCamp Vienna, which attracted around 300 people from all over the world.

Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire kicked off this camp with a keynote, inspired by the slogan of the event, about connecting open minds.

Drupal Austria did a great job organizing this event.

Florian Lorétan held one of the first talks after the keynote. He presented Drupal in a JavaScript world and elasticsearch as an alternative to SOLR.

The FH Technikum Wien is a really nice venue. It offers a lot of daylight regardless of the weather. Also from an architectural point of view it is very interesting. Here are some impressions which I took this morning.

UpdateMy presentation was recorded and is already available on YouTube

By Daniel Truninger 21st November 2013 Drupal, Events

After an eventful DrupalCon in Prague the Drupal calendar has another another workout lined-up for us. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday 300 Drupalistas will meet up in Vienna. Among them are our Michael (schnitzel), Dagmar (dagmita) and Boris (borisbaldinger). If you're heading there too, make sure to attend their sessions.

Friday, 22 November

Saturday, 23 November

There won't be any Swiss chocolate available at our sessions. Come for the content and not for the bribes. ;)

The last seven days the following five stories managed to get our attention. Enjoy!

Food for tought

Medium: Is autocomplete evil
Google's autocomplete function an amazing helper, isn't it? Not according to Tom Chatfield, who raises some concerns regarding the feature.


The halfway point of the Movember team's quest of manliness has been reached and it can confirm the effects mentioned in the video above.


How much money do the top technology companies make per second?
It’s easy to be impressed by big numbers. However if you combine it with a calculation it can boggle your mind.


DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 - Connecting Open Minds
Next weekend some Amazee’s will be attending and speaking at DrupalCamp Vienna. If you are planning on attending too, make sure to secure your ticket. Time is running...

Social Media

Forbes: Here's Where Teens Are Going Instead Of Facebook
Is your social media strategy getting down with the kids? If Facebook features heavy in it, it might be time to consider a refresher.

By Corina Schmid 14th November 2013 Business, Drupal

We proudly present our latest release: SRF Die Schweizer!

During the month of November all eyes are set on Switzerland and its history - at least at SRF, the Swiss national broadcasting company. They entrusted us with building the website for their series about major events in the nation's history.

We designed and implemented the platform and made the Swiss national heroes look good on desktop, tablet and mobile by making the platform fully responsive. Furthermore we implemented a video upload portal to host user generated content.

Get into some Swiss history right here.

By Daniel Truninger 11th November 2013 Fun, Team

By the amount of facial hair growing in the office you may be excused for thinking that we are in the progress of branching out into the timber industry.

Fortunately the motivation behind cultivating a moustache stems from a different source. During the month of November a bunch of men of the lab are participating in Movember. The annual, month-long event targets to raise awareness for male specific illnesses such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer and raise funds for related research by men cultivating a moustache.

If you laughed out loudly, while looking at our efforts, you have support our quest of manliness by making a small donation on our Movember team page. Otherwise feel free do so anyway. More photos will follow.


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