By Corina Schmid 14th November 2013 Business, Drupal

We proudly present our latest release: SRF Die Schweizer!

During the month of November all eyes are set on Switzerland and its history - at least at SRF, the Swiss national broadcasting company. They entrusted us with building the website for their series about major events in the nation's history.

We designed and implemented the platform and made the Swiss national heroes look good on desktop, tablet and mobile by making the platform fully responsive. Furthermore we implemented a video upload portal to host user generated content.

Get into some Swiss history right here.

By Daniel Truninger 11th November 2013 Fun, Team

By the amount of facial hair growing in the office you may be excused for thinking that we are in the progress of branching out into the timber industry.

Fortunately the motivation behind cultivating a moustache stems from a different source. During the month of November a bunch of men of the lab are participating in Movember. The annual, month-long event targets to raise awareness for male specific illnesses such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer and raise funds for related research by men cultivating a moustache.

If you laughed out loudly, while looking at our efforts, you have support our quest of manliness by making a small donation on our Movember team page. Otherwise feel free do so anyway. More photos will follow.

This week, dear reader, the essence highlights a Responsive Web Design issue, compares Drupal 7 to Symfony 2 and allows the laws of physics to answer the most important iOS 7 question. Enjoy!


Pixeljets: Drupal 7 vs Symfony 2: overview after 1 year of Symfony development
The integration of Symfony in Drupal 8 will be a major landmark. Anton Sidashin, a Drupal and Symfony Developer at Pixeljets, shares his experience of working with both technologies.


Paul Johnson's Blog: Your part in improving Drupal's Social Media
In order to do justice with the way Drupal's project scaled on the social media channels a Drupal social media request form was introduced. In his blog post Paul Johnson shares some information about it.

Responsive Web Design

LukeW: Responsive Web Design: Relying Too Much on Screen Size
Luke Wroblewski makes the point that screen-size is not the only important design decision you have to consider in responsive design.


Buzzfeed: The Weird, Terrifying Physics Of iOS 7
Johny Ive, talked about a “sense of debt”, which was introduced in iOS7. Unsurprisingly somebody on the Internet had to try and quantify it…

Tweets that cut through the noise

By Bastian Widmer 8th November 2013 Business

Amazee Labs' server infrastructure is built with availability, operating efficiency and security in mind. As with all IT systems, the threat of failure is omnipresent. When the worst occurs we run through emergency scenarios with pre-defined responsibilities, just as pilots do when things turn nasty. This is our side of the story.

Reaching out to the client is the other one. Customer satisfaction is based on trust and transparent communication. Something Buffer accomplished last week. The customer has the right to know what is going on at any given time. For this purpose we've just introduced the status page for all our clients running on the Drupal cluster. It is your first port of call should any of the Amazee hosted apps hit a rough patch.

This week an old category makes a comeback, you can learn how to build a WordPress blog with Drupal and there is good news for gadget geeks who like to travel. Enjoy!

Food for thought

what if?: Facebook of the Dead
A look into the simple question: "When, if ever, will Facebook contain more profiles of dead people than of living ones?".


OSTraining: How to Build a WordPress Blog in Drupal
Within the Drupal community there is a saying that: "If you want to build a blog, use WordPress. If you want to build WordPress, use Drupal.” Here’s the tutorial how to rebuild a Wordpress blog in Drupal.


The Verge: FAA officially approves using electronics during all phases of flight
The the final frontier for gadget geeks on the road has finally been crossed. If that news isn't worth of an inclusion of the success kid meme, in this blog post, then nothing is.

Mashable: 38% of Children Under 2 Use Mobile Media, Study Says
Even the current generation of digital natives look like digital immigrants in comparison.

Tweets that cut through the noise


By Corina Schmid 31st October 2013 Business, Drupal

Please welcome our latest release, Exped

Exped is a true specialist when it comes to purist and highly functional expedition equipment. Whatever you need to thrive and survive in the beastly outdoors - you'll find it at Exped.
The Exped team chose us to get their new website running on Drupal 7. We provided them with a smooth implementation and our developers made sure that all the product data from over 30 Excel files shows up in place. The design was provided by an external graphic design agency and Amazee Labs made sure that their design looks beautiful on all devices with a fully responsive implementation.
So, ready to leave your house? Make sure you go well prepared and check out the cool stuff at Exped!
By Boris Baldinger 28th October 2013 Drupal

There are a lot of fantastic events in the Drupal community. One of the bigger ones is the Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp) in Berkeley, CA. A camp the size of a DrupalCon and located in one of the most beautiful places in North America. 

On the first day Michael and me went out to join others at the Berkeley City Club to contribute to Drupal's core. As at most Drupal events there were code sprints happening before, during and after the event. The location was very classy and made us feel like kings.

After a short setup we started to discuss and work on different issues. We had a lot of discussions and made some good progress.

Events like these aren't only about the lines of code and time you put in, it is also about all the friends you make and meet. We gathered at Cathy's AirBnB flat to cook, eat, write some Drupal songs and have a good time.

On the third day it was time to move the code sprints to a bigger location so that more people could join us and work in different sprint groups on various topics.

At the conference we took the opportunity to give some knowledge back to the community. On Saturday Michael talked about "Multilingual Awesomeness" and "Why you need more than one server to run a big and fast Drupal site". On Sunday Michael and I held a session about "Displaying ads in an ajaxified Drupal environment".

Up to now, we have had an excellent time in the Bay Area. We have met a lot of friends and made a bunch of new ones.

Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors who made this event possible.

This week we've got stories from the world of operating systems, hot sauces and open sources. Enjoy!


Wired: Apple Just Ended the Era of Paid Operating Systems
During this week’s keynote Apple announced that the latest version of their operating system will be free of charge. WIRED's senior writer Ryan Tate takes a look at the consequences for the industry.


Quartz: The highly unusual company behind Sriracha, the world’s coolest hot sauce
Roberto A. Ferdman sheds some light on the story of Huy Fong Food, the company behind Sriracha. While the hot sauce is an internet phenomenon, its founder remains true to his values.


MIT Technology Review: The Decline of Wikipedia
This long article takes a critical look at the challenges the free Internet encyclopedia is facing.


GarfieldTech: Dropping forward
Larry Garfield, a respected member of the Drupal community, gives his views on the issues raised by Backdrop and what Drupal 8 represents.

Social Media

Mashable: 8 Hijacked Hashtags Gone Horribly Wrong (or Right)
Owning a hashtag can be brilliant to promote your cause on a social media outlet. Sometimes, however, it can get you in a pickle...

By Sascha Eggenberger 23rd October 2013

Infuriated by those frequent hits of your refresh button to see your SCSS/Sass changes? If that's the case, chances are high that you haven't given Guard a go. The tool combines the best of two worlds – on one hand it's a powerful Compass compiler while on the other it's a live-reload solution. Making it the perfect companion for theming and designing in the browser.


To get Guard going you'll need:

  • Ruby (>= 1.9.2)
  • RVM
  • Compass
  • Guard
  • livereload (browser extension)


First we need to install RVM. RVM stands for 'Ruby Version Manager' and allows you to install and manage several different versions of Ruby on your machine.

To install RVM just open a new shell and type:

\curl -L | bash

Restart your terminal session after the install is complete.

Install Xcode 5 with command line tools

First, make sure that you have Xcode with the command line tools installed on your machine otherwise just download Xcode and install the command line tools.

Xcode 5 - install command line tools

Check Ruby Version

Guard requires at least Ruby Version 1.9.2 but Mac OS X 10.8, by default, ships with version 1.8.7.

To check your running version of Ruby just type "ruby -v" in the Terminal)

Install Ruby V1.9.3

If you don't have version 1.9.2 or above, we have to install Ruby 1.9.3 first (Xcode > Preferences > Downloads > Command Line Tools).

Go to your shell and type the following (this can take a while):

sudo rvm install 1.9.3

After the installation is complete run the following command:

rvm use 1.9.3 --default

Installing gems

RubyGems (or short gems) is a package manager for Ruby that provides a standard format for distributing Ruby libraries.

So let's install Compass & Guard:

sudo gem install compass compass-validator guard guard-compass guard-sass guard-livereload

Note: Restart your terminal session after the installation has finished. You should now have successfully installed Compass & Guard.

Create the config files for running guard

Guard needs the following files to run

  • config.rb (Which is the config file for Compass)
  • Guardfile (Which is the config file for Guard)

If you are creating a new Compass project then run:

compass init

It creates a basic config.rb file with the basic folder structure.

We can now create the Guardfile

nano Guardfile

and paste the following in

group :development do
  guard :livereload do

  if File.exists?("./config.rb")
    # Compile on start.
    puts `compass compile --time --quiet`
    guard :compass do

Save + exit with CTRL + C.

Guard is now ready to run:

guard -i

See the documentation here for available options.

Install the livereload browser extension

Install livereload for your favorite browser. Get the extension here:

After the installation, click on the livereload icon in the toolbar of your browser. Back in the terminal it should say now: "INFO - browser connected."

If that's the case, you're ready to go!

The magic part

Edit your SCSS/Sass file, save it and watch your browser. It now automatically injects your changes live without needing to reload your browser every time.

This week: A potential disruptive product, the ROI of Facebook Ads on mobile devices and a platform for a provoking comparison. Enjoy!

Mobile Payments

The Verge: Square Cash lets anyone with a debit card send money instantly over email
Jack Dorsey's, co-founder of Twitter, latest product announcement could revolutionize the mobile payment industry and give PayPal a run for its money.


Bay Area Drupal Camp: Session Schedule
If you are heading to world's biggest Drupal Camp, like our Michael and Boris, make sure to check the schedule in advance. While you are at it, be sure to attend their session.

Social Media

Hashtag Setup - Create your own Hashtag for FREE!
Ever feel in the mood to mystify the concept of a hashtag while explaining it? Then give this prank service a go.


VentureBeat: Facebook ad profit a staggering 1,790% more on iPhone than Android
Nanigans' report on Facebook ads provides some interesting figures.

Tweets that cut through the noise



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